As a recruiter for more than 8 years, we would like to share some tips of being shortlisted for the jobseekers during the interview.

Before the Interview
1) Study the job scope/ requirements from the company that will be going for the interview. Try to understand the company’s expectation for the position
2) Study the company background and what is the company’s current projects / organization structure and etc
3) Prepare all the documents needed eg : resume, photo, certs and payslip
4) Choose the best dress / shirts/ pants. DON’t wear slippers,capri pants or jeans(depends on what position you apply)
5) Sleep early

During the Interview
– In order to arrive the interview place on time, please depart 1-1.5 hours ahead
– Dress smartly and neat. Take a good breakfast or lunch to avoid starving during the interview. Some interview took about 1-2 hours at least
– Be positive, well mannered and confident!!
– Try to remember the interviewer’s name which is very important
– Try to elaborate more about your experience and skills . Not too short and not too long winded till other people get bored..
– Focus and be firm on the position that you interview. Sudden change of your interest and mind will have serious implications during the interview ( for eg, you interview for Customer Service but inform the interviewer that you prefer in Finance Exe which is really waste of time )
-Ask questions related to the position or to know more about the company . Show more interest of the position by sharing what you able to contribute to the company
– End the interview with a well manner

After the interview
– Write a thank you email for the interviewer
– Follow up again with the interview after few days if you are interested with the position

Good luck !!